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Enominar is a Real-Time Role Playing Game with Turn-based Combat. It Features a series of story-driven quests, dynamically created Items and no-level limit for the characters. The player can create his own unique character based on the 5 stats that the character can use, Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Sturdiness and Charisma, the character's class is determined based on those stats.
The Character can use different armors and weapons such as swords, daggers and shields. There's no magic known currently at the world of Enominar. The Character can wear armor too.
The game features 8 different tiers of Armor and Weapon sets that the player can craft. The Character must harvest logs and Iron from the world in order to craft.The game features also Achievements, that play a vital role in players experience as they reward unique bonuses like armor sets, skills and other.

Version 0.16 Changes:
Characters are now auto-saved on character exit.Menu now has a new Info(?) icon that displays item-grade information.Further Performance Optimizations.7 New Achievements.
2nd Quest has been changed. Box will be used later in-game to open the gate.Fixed an Issue with Item Creation of Achievement "Did I Do This!?" That wasn't working properly.
Google Play Leaderboard, Score will be calculated from-Player Level, -Items